About Us

AC Power was founded to facilitate the natural pairing of solar energy facilities and landfills, brownfields, and other low-value sites. Working with us, site owners can earn a steady, long-term revenue stream.
AC Power, LLC - Solar Project Developer


Siting solar photovoltaic projects on landfills and brownfield sites provides an opportunity for the owner to offset ongoing monitoring and maintenance costs and generate revenues from formerly burdensome sites. Using ballasted racks, the equipment can be installed to have no impact on site caps or other environmental controls.


The AC Power team has the expertise to effectively guide a project through all stages of development, including permitting, design, financing, construction, and offtake. With favorable permitting and interconnect timelines, we can move a project from concept to operation in as little as 12 months. Along with our strategic partners, we make sure that you get the best possible product and service.


Our core team has a deep background with challenging sites, with over 50 years of combined experience managing landfills, developing alternative energy projects, and monetizing their environmental attributes.