Building solar energy systems on landfills or other low-value sites makes sense, but there are often obstacles to getting this done. AC Power’s mission is to push past these obstacles and drive the development of renewable energy on these sites. Finding solutions to difficult challenges to create technically viable and economically attractive projects is what AC Power does best!

AC Power, LLC - Solar Project Developer

Our team understands that successful development of a solar project requires collaboration between many stakeholders. Each project is unique, so we take the time to engage with all parties, making sure their needs are being heard to ensure the process is as smooth and efficient as possible. Our process typically includes the following stages:

Site Assessment

AC Power analyzes technical site characteristics to confirm the area suitable for solar development, the project size that could be supported, expected energy output, and potential regulatory hurdles.

Interconnection Study

Most projects sell their power into the grid and must determine how it will connect to the transmission and distribution system. This requires the utility to study the technical feasibility of connecting a project in that location and can be one of the most time and money-intensive project components.


Obtaining permits and approvals for a solar project on a landfill or other vacant site can require complex analyses, including review and modifications to site closure plans and permits. The project must be designed to ensure no conflict with existing site controls, and studies must evaluate the potential for soil erosion, stormwater flows, and impacts on the landfill cap. AC Power has the experience to walk site owners through the process and coordinate with State environmental departments and other authorities.


Establishing relationships with local permitting authorities is an important part of moving a project to completion. AC Power is experienced at working with local, county, and regional officials to navigate the approval process and secure all permits required to construct and operate a solar project at the proposed site.


AC Power is capable of addressing all financing requirements for the development of solar facilities. These may include a combination of construction and permanent financing, equity investments and/or tax equity for the Investment Tax Credit.

Environmental Attributes and Incentives

AC Power secures all possible incentives to maximize revenue generation. Incentives may include Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SRECs), governmental financial incentives, tax credits, and more. A critical driver to the solar market, the Investment Tax Credit (ITC) is a Federal tax credit which has been scheduled to sunset by 2022 and the earlier a project is placed in service the greater credit it will be eligible to receive.

Renewable Energy Offtake

AC Power will always pursue the most attractive offtake options for any given project. Depending on the status of each state’s regulatory programs, this offtake can take many forms. Community Solar is a popular solution in many states, as it provides affordable solar access to low-income and other non-traditional solar customers. AC Power can also identify and negotiate with potential partners for a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) or arrange to sell the energy wholesale into the regional transmission system.


AC Power negotiates all contracts throughout the course of project development, including the interconnection agreement, power purchase agreement, lease agreement, construction contracts, and financing agreements.


This step takes the conceptual solar design to completion of construction drawings. AC Power partners with leading Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) partners and solicits proposals from them to bring the project to commercial operation.


Solar energy projects require minimal day-to-day maintenance, which keeps ongoing project costs low. AC Power is responsible for ongoing mowing, landfill cap maintenance, and other landscape management over the life of the project.